5 Best Gifts for Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, helping those in need, and most importantly spending time with loved ones. Unlike the pandemic last year, this year the festival would be more auspicious as it would draw everyone closer with no restrictions. A beautiful opportunity to express your love and affection to your family and friends.

To mark the end of Ramadan, often gifts are given the traditional way which is in the form of money, especially to children. This year, let your loved ones know what you are thinking of them by sending them beautiful gifts.

Baskilicious brings you the 5 best Ramadan gifting ideas-

A Family Treat- Ramadan Kareem, The Blessings Box & Fifty Shades of Tranquility

Celebrating Ramadan & Eid with close family and friends is very exciting. While visiting families you could take the Ramadan Kareem or The Blessings Box or The Fifty Shades of Tranquility with you. These are unique online gifting ideas for Ramadan for the entire family. These baskets include fine quality dates and date syrup, assorted cookies and chocolates, scented candles, premium quality nuts, personalized mugs, hibiscus tea, and much more to choose from. A perfect way to express how important the receiver is!

A Prayerful Treat- Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadan

A prayer mat always comes in handy as sitting comfortably is very important while praying. The Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadan gift basket includes a beautiful prayer mat in an embroidered black pouch.

This is customized with goodies like assorted cookies, Ahlan Wa Sahlan tray and Classic Date Dibbs Jar. All these are beautifully gift wrapped with plastic and fancy ribbons. A perfect gift for the ones you love and care for.

A Beautiful Gesture- Month of Blessings, Grateful Thankful Blessed, Joy Ramadan & Ramadan Vibes

Sometimes, just taking something along with you while visiting a relative, a friend, or a colleague on the occasion of Ramadan and Eid is a beautiful gesture. Baskilicious offers unique gift baskets like the Month of Blessings, Grateful-Thankful-Blessed, Joy Ramadan & Ramadan Vibes, that are exotic and realistic gifts and would simply bring smiles of joy in the season of Ramadan.

These gift baskets include various goodies like dates, coffee, assorted chocolates, scented candles, personalized mugs, and much more.

A Casual Gift- Crystal Oud Bath Salts

Gifting bath salts are very much in trend now. Nowadays, many people use bath salts to relax their muscles and loosen stiff joints. The aromatherapy and minerals of bath salt have many benefits for the mind and body. Baskilicious offers gift baskets of Crystal Oud Bath Salts that remove toxins and impurities and at the same time deeply cleanses the skin. Hence gifting bath salt is another way of showing how much you care.

A Homely Gift- Bismillah Chopping Board, Stirring Spoons Love & Duas Chopping Board

Delicious food is an integral part of Eid. A vast variety of mouth-watering dishes are prepared on this auspicious day. Gifting women a homely gift would make them feel special. The customized gift basket like the Bismillah Chopping Board, Stirring Spoons, Love & Duas Chopping Board from Baskilicious are unique gifting ideas for Ramadan and Eid. Women love receiving personalized and customized gifts. This would be the perfect way to make them feel special.

Along with these gift baskets, you could add one of our delicious cakes and freshly cut flower bouquets to make the festival more memorable.

Baskilicious has the best gifting ideas for every occasion and for every person with online delivery in UAE. A gift is not valuable because of its cost, but because of the heart that presents it. You select the gift and let Baskilicious help you express your emotions and intentions attached to it and make the end of Ramadan a great and happy celebration.

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Top 20 Best Online Gifts Delivery in Dubai

Life is full of varied experiences that make our lives meaningful. But, in today’s fast paced world, we are too busy to remember special occasions or send gifts to our loved ones, especially if they are far away. There are a number of digital solutions that offer online gift delivery to help you save the day, however, the most difficult task is to choose a gift. What would be the best present you can gift your near and dear ones? Searching for a useful and meaningful gift online surely requires an effort. And so, to help out all the busy bees, here are our top 20 best online gifts delivery in Dubai. Be it any occasion, these online gifts will make the recipient feel extra special!

1. Tote Bags

Customised Tote bags are a great gifting option. It’s a one-of-a-kind accessory that can be used to carry everything from books to groceries. This is a very thoughtful gift as it can be carried around to work, shopping and for outing with friends. The tote bag is versatile and showcases your personality and style in a fun way. The recipient will definitely love this gift because of its endless uses!

2. Gourmet Treat Baskets

What can be better than gifting a basket that will satiate a taste for everything? Deliver a grand experience with gourmet treat baskets that can be customized to feel personal. Got a food lover on your list? Gift them the treat baskets that will cover all their cravings. 

3. Customised Coffee Mugs

Gifting coffee mugs can never go out of fashion. Whether the special one is a tea lover or a coffee person, a cup that reflects their personality will make the experience enjoyable. The customised coffee mugs are a perfect gift if you want them to remember you every time they sip from that mug. 

4. Wooden Frames/ Canvas

A wooden canvas is a precious gift to give or receive which expresses love for the recipient. Our customised wooden frames can accentuate any room in your house. With special quotes engraved on them, the frames will make every occasion more special. 

5. Hampers/ Baskets

Bring a smile on your loved ones face with a thoughtfully packed and beautifully presented hamper basket. Our sensational baskets can be customized according to YOUR taste. Spread the love with our specialised baskets which can include all your favourite goodies available online; the best part being our prompt next day delivery.

6. Acrylic Award

Would you like to tell your mom that she is the best? Gift her these special Acrylic Awards that have a contemporary twist to them. These are absolutely eye-catching and can be cherished for a long time. 

7. Fresh flowers

Flowers express every emotion perfectly and are the perfect gift for that special someone. With roses that resemble love, to orchids that stand for strength and luxury, fresh floral bouquets are the most fail-safe gift option which will be appreciated on any occasion. 

8. Thermal Bottles

Want to gift someone who is a traveller, fitness freak or workaholic? Worry no more. Our stainless- steel thermal bottles personalized with special quotes can be a perfect gift that they will adore. It is a very useful gift that will remind them to stay hydrated and healthy.

9. Sweet Box

Any sweet lovers in your list? Our personalized boxes are the perfect gift for them. From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and special events, our memorable dessert boxes will fulfill every craving. 

10. Personalised Towels

Add some style in utility products by gifting personalised bath towels. These are a one-of-a-kind gift that will stay the way they are for a very long time. Add a spark to all your celebrations with online gift delivery in Dubai.

11. Travel Mugs

Every traveller wishes to have his/her own personalised travel mug. Custom travel mugs are an amazing gift option and a lovely way to cherish wonderful memories. This thoughtful and practical gift can be a lifesaver and a great addition to any home. 

12. Notebooks

Notebooks allow you to jot down your feelings, thoughts and expressions in the best way. Leave a long-lasting impression on all your writer friends by gifting them a quirky and personalised notebook. Pick our beautifully customized notebooks and send gifts online with same day delivery for your loved one. 

13. Power Bank

A power bank is the best gift for someone who is glued to their mobile phone at all times. Our custom power banks are a practical gift that include different quotes and pictures.These power banks will be an appreciated gift that will add colour and humour in this fast paced life. 

14. USB

A wooden USB is a sophisticated and unique gifting item. The design of the box can be personalized according to the choice of the recipient. It is the best way to store all images, movies and favourite memories. 

15. Cakes

Express your love and affection by gifting cakes as a token of love that adds more joy and happiness. Our cakes are a yummilicious option that help make all your special occasions cherishable. 

16. Magnets

Custom magnets are great for gifting. Be it a birthday or a house warming gift, the magnets will make the recipient feel appreciated and can be used in multiple places. Get creative, add unique messages and fond memories to make this gift more special. 

17. Bath Salts and Soaks

Treat your loved ones with a relaxing experience by gifting them our fresh handmade bath salts and soaks. Pamper your family and friends, with this unique gift which releases tension, eases stress and allows some me-time as well!

18. Festive Treats

Our delicious and mouth-watering treats are a delectable gift for every Festival and Occasion. Select your flavour from our wide array of options using our online gift delivery service in Dubai.

19. Keychains

Keychains are an essential accessory that make our daily life easier. Convey a beautiful message with a quote or photo on these artistic and personalized  keychains by gifting them to your loved ones.

20. Greeting Cards

In this digital era, personalized greeting cards hold a great value. They have a charm in them and express the unsaid words in the best way.

Gifting is a way to communicate and express your feelings and appreciation for the ones you cherish. At Baskilicious Gifts, we make this process easier by providing a wide range of personalized gifts for every occasion with online gift delivery. We put the magic in our baskets and a smile on the face of your loved one! 

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