Re-using Gift Baskets

12 Of Our Favorite Decorating and DIY Ideas That Focus Around Repurposing Gift Baskets

With our thoughtfully made gift baskets, your recipient not only receives a gift they are sure to love, they also get a beautiful basket to reuse again and again! 


When we hear about reducing waste by reusing, recycling and up-cycling, it may be something we care about and want to do, but sometimes we don't exactly know where to start from. Reusing gift baskets can help make your life a little bit easier and only takes a few minutes to implement.  Not only would it be better for the environment, but up-cycling helps declutter your home and thus reduces anxiety and stress.

Here at BG (aka: Baskilicious Gifts) we sell a lot of wood baskets, wicker baskets, crates, trays, and so we thought it was time to share a few of our gift basket up-cycle ideas with you.


1) Re-gift The Basket

Remember how excited you felt when you received your gift hamper and began rummaging through all the treats inside? You can give someone else this feeling too by creating your own gift hamper and delivering it right to their door, they will be overjoyed.


2) Planter

Adding real vegetation such as small flowering plants or herbs to your basket can be a nice addition to your garden or utility room.


3) Desk Organiser

The smaller baskets can be used to organize your stationary and will add life to your working space. It can also be used as a safety box to stash memorable photos and cards, as well as an art supply basket.


4) Storing Blankets

Hampers act as a great storage unit, and the larger they are in size, the more blankets can be fitted inside to keep your living room tidy.


5) For Your Bathroom

Wicker hampers are perfect for tidying away toiletries, and also makes for the perfect bathroom guest towel holder. You can also use it as a flower tray cover, utensil holder, desk organizer, magazine rack, adding a homely touch to your bathroom.


6) Closet Organiser

Our Drawer looking wooden baskets would make for great dividers in your cupboard, useful for organizing your undergarments , socks and towels.


7) Book Lovers

I love collecting books with the intention of eventually reading them! Store your must reads by your bed side in one of our wooden baskets. Keeping them close to you might push you to end up reading a few pages before you call it a night.


8) Centerpiece

If you received our tray-like basket, you can use it as a centerpiece on your table, and decorate it with candles and flowers.


9) Entrance Wall

Screw the smaller baskets on the wall at the entrance of your home to store keys, cards and as a mail holder.


10) Kids & Toys

For homes with little kids, no matter how much storage you have, it's somehow never enough.  Our wooden baskets can help store small toys like action figures, cars, teddy bears, and help organize your card and board games.


11) Healthy Food

For families that are always on the run, place snack options on our wooden trays by the front door as a time saving reminder when any family member is running out the door. The tray can easily hold both snacks and drinks. Definitely a winning parenting idea!


12) Breakfast Tray

We have a few crates we use for our special occasion gifts that are the perfect up-cycle to be used as tea time serving tray.

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