The Healthy Basket

AED. 440.00

This Basket Comes With A Variety Of Healthy, Organic Foods & Energy Snacks

Fade Fit - Choco Hazelnut Energy Snack
Earth's Finest - Organic Raw Honey
Be Kind -Bars - Caramel Almonds & Sea Salt
Hunter's Gourmet - Baked Pretzos
Earth's Finest - Rice Cakes With Quinoa
Bunalun Organic - 3 Pack Of Salted Microwave Popcorn
Organic Larder - Milk Chocolate
Bob's Red Mill Gluten-free Classic Oatmeal With Flax & Chia
Organic Larder - Strawberry Fruit Spread
Melly's - Crunchy Biscuit Coated With Raw Chocolate