The Healthier Basket

AED. 540.00

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This Basket Comes With A Variety Of Healthy, Organic Foods & Energy Snacks

- Fade Fit - Cocone Protein Energy Snack

- Bee's Nectar Honey - Unprocessed, Natural and Raw Forest Honey 

- Be Kind -Bars - Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

- Hunter's Gourmet Quino Chips With Peruvian Pink Salt - Gluten Free

- Benlian Slim Rice Cakes With Chia & Quinoa - Gluten Free

- Organic Larder - Rice Milk Chocolate - Lactose Free & Gluten Free

- Sunwhite Rice Craker Chips With Black Pepper

- Alva Olivia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Fuel Chunky Chocolate Protein Boosted Granola (will be replaced with) Crunchy Granola Chocolate

- Rosho Cashew Butter Nutty With Chocolate Cheesecake - No Added Refined Sugar

All baskets include everything mentioned in the description, including the decorations used and the basket itself as shown in the pictures. All baskets will be beautifully wrapped with plastic and fancy ribbons.

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