Go Nuts All The Way

AED. 350.00

Premium High Quality Nuts Basket :

Choose between - 

Half A Kilo (500 grams) Of Almonds
Half A Kilo (500 grams) Of Walnuts
Half A Kilo (500 grams) Of Cashew-nuts
Half A Kilo (500 grams) Of Pistachio

Total 2 Kilos Of Dried Nuts


1 Kilo Of Almonds
1 Kilo Of Walnuts
1 Kilo Of Cashew-nuts
1 Kilo Of Pistachio

Total 4 Kilos Of Dried Nuts

All baskets include everything mentioned in the description, including the decorations used and the basket itself as shown in the pictures. All baskets will be beautifully wrapped with plastic and fancy ribbons.