The Very Best Gifts For Christmas 2022

The Very Best Gifts For Christmas 2022

The Very Best Gifts for Christmas 2022

The Christmas season has officially begun, and that means it's time to start shopping for gifts! Every year, most of us look for presents for all different audiences—children, friends, siblings, coworkers, and extended family too and although that’s a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of pressure.

With so many people to shop for, finding the perfect gifts for everyone can make you feel like the stressed-out main character in a Christmas movie. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can win the coveted position of best gift giver in your personal and professional circles with any of these fun and festive gifts.

1. The Christmas Eve Gift Basket

The Christmas spirit of this dazzling gift is right there in the name—but your loved ones will really feel it when they open up this basket. Offering everything from Christmas Bingo and Christmas Origami to Christmas Chocolates and adorable matching mugs, this gift basket is packed full of Christmas cheer!

2. Winter Wonderland

With this gift basket, your loved ones will get the full magical experience—delicious smells, tasty treats, and plenty of small gifts. When they open it, they will feel as if they have been transported to a magical Christmas land that is full of laughter and lights.

Made for those who love the little luxuries in life, this basket includes premium chocolate rolled wafers, ethically-sourced teas, cookies, and scented products that they are sure to love! Filled with incredible presents and pieced together with beautiful lights that create a captivating and magical display, this basket is impossible not to love!

3. Gold Dust

A simple gift basket can send a very strong message, and this is one basket that wishes your loved ones well. Made with a variety of premium delicious treats ranging from chocolates and truffles to cookies and juice, it is the perfect sweet basket for that special someone. Beautifully wrapped and fitted with seasonal decorations, this Christmas basket is great for all of your loved ones.

4. Magic Is In The Air Gourmet Gift Basket

Do you have a loved one that is always looking for some delicious new flavor? This gourmet gift basket is everything that they have been waiting for and more. Made for the food connoisseurs in your life, this basket is filled with sweet and savory treats that will delight the taste buds of even the most particular palette. Bringing together flavorful snacks, like mince pie and fruitcake, as well as tasty desserts, like gingerbread men and caramel truffles, this present is a welcome addition to every home kitchen!

The Takeaway

The best gifts for Christmas come from the heart, and all around Dubai, people are already shopping for the holidays. Some are looking for smaller gifts, like mugs, keychains or magnets—but others are looking to provide the ultimate Christmas experience one luxury gift at a time. No matter what size of present you want to shop for, we are here to make gift-giving easy.

This Christmas, wish your loved ones well with fun and delicious Christmas gifts with shipping anywhere in the UAE from Baskilicious Gifts—your local leaders in gift giving! No matter what present you choose, just remember to pair it with a special message on one of our greeting cards too!

Sakina Kanji